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Jon took the time needed to understand VidHug's core value proposition and distilled it into just four words: “Joyful connections made easy”.  Combine that with the logo, styling, and visuals he developed and the whole package feels like a natural fit for our brand.  

Zamir Khan
Founder & CEO, VidHug
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We reached out to Jon because of the incredible work he had done in the past with other colleagues branding, and we are so happy we did. After our first discovery session with him we felt he understood our vision for our company and what we wanted it to represent.

We have received incredible feedback from everyone on how unique our packaging is, and this is exactly what we wanted.  Jon brought our vision to life with this new branding and we would recommend him to anyone who understands the importance of branding and the difference it can make in a company’s success.

Gurveer Bahia and Sucheta Khurana  
Co-Founders, Arise N’ Go
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Thank you so much for your support and your hard work. I continue to be amazed by the brand that you created for Beecuz and I can't wait to continue this work with you!!!!!! I feel like a little kid before Christmas leading up to all our meetings :D

Lena Schreyer
Founder, Beecuz
Scroll Pensa Branding Marketing and Design
I had a vision for my start-up business, but I was struggling to transform this vision into a brand. That is, before I started working with Jon. Through Jon’s extensive discovery sessions, he came to understand my vision, my value proposition, my competitive advantage, my ideal customers, and more.

When Jon presented the first draft of my brand, I was amazed. It was above and beyond all my expectations. I knew immediately that this was the brand I had been looking for all along. I would strongly recommend Jon to anyone looking to bring their brand to life.

Rhys Wickens
Founder, Wick Insurance
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